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Slots: How to Bet Properly and Win

Slot machines may be the simplest games in the casino, but there's a degree of planning and thinking that goes into becoming an efficient player. Only by incorporating the proper mix of betting and strategizing will you be able to make money on a constant basis.

When people play slots they usually just think of the big jackpot, but the serious player goes beyond that. You will play the progressive machines yes, but you also shouldn't ignore the regular, or "lower paying" ones. The reason is that while the payouts aren't as high, it is easier to hit the proper combos and once the wins accumulate, you can end up with a hefty sum.

Another vital slot strategy is to know exactly which denomination comes into play. First time visitors think that they can just drop any coin into any machine and win. That's not true. If you want to make the most of your bankroll, you need to recognize the basic types.

The following assumes you will play a slot machine with a max wager of three coins, with a payout percentage of 90% and about ten spins every minute.

For nickel machines, that would be $9 per hour, for a quarter, it would come to $45; the one dollar machines will cost about $180 every sixty minutes while the five dollars $900. With this information, you can now devise the winning slot strategy that is best for your bankroll.

There are several methods that players use to maximize their bankroll, but the best way is to take the amount (i.e., $10,000) and divide it by the number of days or hours you are going to allot for playing. Let's say you are going to Atlantic City for a vacation. You've got $10,000 to splurge in the casino. If you are going to play for five days, then you got $2,000 per day.

Cut that into the number of hours per day you will play, and stick to it. When you start out, make sure to bet in a "fixed" rate at first. When you start to win, increase it, and lower the wager when you start to miss.

Other factors that will influence your slot strategy will be the payout rate, the denomination, the maximum coins allowable and the paylines. All these play a part, and must be considered. The credit meter, present in every machine, should always be monitored so that you will know your position, if you are winning or need to move to another machine.

Slot machines are always fun, but you'll get more out of it when you apply these techniques and start accumulating the wins.


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